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Aroonsri Khamsamran sprang from the waves of Thailand’s Koh Samui Island in 1992. Although she was delivered into the hands of her midwife grandmother, she was always told that she been brought by whales. This made perfect sense to Jang, as she was called for short, growing up exploring the beach, reefs and shallows in front of her parent’s scuba diving shop. In the evenings she and her parents watched every movie available from the local video rental store. Trips to Bangkok meant the exciting opportunity to see the latest blockbuster on the big screen. At the age of thirteen, she was abruptly taken from her ocean womb and deposited in the high mountain desert of New Mexico. A terrible shock to the system! Not only was she dried-out like a little raisin, but to add insult to injury, this desert didn’t even have a single camel or sand dune, just unending miles of sagebrush. As terrible as it could have been, she turned the opportunity to her advantage and avoided becoming an illiterate beach child. Just as she was gaining confidence in her skills and beginning to be able to explore her passion for filmmaking in the University of New Mexico’s Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media program, she suffered an almost life-ending car accident. She feared that she had been diverted from her path. During the four-month recovery period, confined night and day by the pain of her ten broken ribs to her living room’s recliner, she was soothed by the countless films she watched on television. She returned to school a semester later, more empathic, insightful and driven than ever to produce a multitude of shorts as well as her senior class’ capstone short film project, Jubilation. As a recent college graduate, she is working part time at a college in Taos, NM, while simultaneously improving her craft in her own and friends’ short film projects. She’s produced FEMME ,WAKE and Mud (Hashtł’ishnii) an official selection for 2018 Sundance Film Festival.